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If you are interested in making new friends and appreciating great music then you must come to one of our concerts. Our performances offer a magical combination of the finest classical-music along with familiar popular selections played by acclaimed and local talented musicians. Our concerts carry a reputation as one of the finest music events in the Treasure Coast. Experience the magic for yourself by listening to the selections available on this page or by viewing some of our live videos.

The success of the Port St. Lucie Concert Band not only depends on its musicians, staff and board, but mostly on you, the supportive and loyal audience of the Treasure Coast. Throughout the year, hundreds of music lovers have helped advance the activities and efforts of our organization by attending and promoting our concerts and events.

The Port St. Lucie Community Band is a membership-based organization made up of dedicated musicians who have joined together to share their collective talent and passion for sharing and performing the finest music to gratify and enhance our community.

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Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

Pablo Casals