Members Of The Port St. Lucie Concert Band

Meet The Band

Meet the most talented and dedicated musicians the Treasure Coast has to offer led by renowned conductor Dr. John K. Southall.
The musicians of the Port St. Lucie Community Band are the face of our organization.
They are your neighbors, the music school teachers in our school and a group of talented musicians with a lot of love and dedication. Get to know them here.
Flute Section Derrick Chen, High School Student
Neil Compton, Stuart, Family Service Counselor
Amy Isenhower, Principal, Port St. Lucie, Music Educator
Lynn Kezer, Port St. Lucie, Music Teacher
Joann Kinder, Fort Pierce, Music Educator
Nancy Knoll, Port St. Lucie, Product Manager (Retired)
Lisa Lowrey, Port St. Lucie, Elementary Educator
Skip McConnel, Vero Beach, Physician (Retired)
David Mook, Fort Pierce, Oceanographer
Carol Sharp, Fort Pierce, LPN
Kelly Southall, Port St. Lucie, Elementary Educator
Basson SectionAndres Gonzalez, Port St. Lucie, College Student
Oboe SectionLarry Reynnells, Jensen Beach, Music Educator (Retired)
Clarinet Section Carole Bowen, Fort Pierce, Executive Secretary (Retired)
Dawn Busbin, Port. St. Lucie, Registered Nurse
Cindy CLegg, Port St. Lucie
Bob Foxx, Vero Beach, Business Executive
Cynthia Humphrey, Port St. Lucie, Office Manager (Retired)
Michelle Hupfer, Port St. Lucie, Golf Professional - PGM Faculty
Walter Kotrba, Port St. Lucie, Retired
Mynor Marroquin, Port St. Lucie, College Student
Don Mattern, Vero Beach, Corporate Executive (Retired)
Melissa Nelson, Fort Pierce, School Assessment Coordinator
Gene Portuallo, Jensen Beach, Insurance District Manager (Retired)
Haley Stripling, Okeechobee, High School Student
Steve Talbot, Palm City, Animal Rescue (Retired)
Bass Clarinet SectionPaul Spiwak, Vero Beach, Music Educator (Retired)
AltoSaxophoneSection Andre Bernier, Fort Pierce, Engineering Professor (Retired)
Stephen Gabin, Port. St. Lucie, Music Educator
Jovan Osborne, Fort Pierce, High School Student
Deanna Raffay, Jensen Beach, Elementary Educator (Retired)
Charles Raffay, Jensen Beach, High School Science Teacher (Retired)
Richard Rogers - Principal, Fort Pierce, Music Educator
Tenor Sax Section George Alteen, Jensen Beach, Goldsmith
Mark Austin, Fort Pierce, College Student
Joe Nash- Principal, Jensen Beach, Firefighter(Retired)
BaritoneSaxRyan Carter, Vero Beach, Host
Trumpet Section Bill Genson, Port St. Lucie, Pipefitter / Welder (Retired)
Claudia George, Port, St. Lucie, College Student
Trevor Goodwin, Port St. Lucie, VP Construction (Retired)
Susan Kessler, Port St. Lucie
Michelle Raymond, Vero Beach
Sal Sabia, Fort Pierce, Police Captain (Retired)
Patrick Stepanek, Sebastian, College Student
Pat Vaida - Principal, Port St. Lucie, Teacher Aide (Retired)
Glenn Walters, Port St. Lucie, IT Project Manager
Makaya Whitehead, Okeechobee, Middle School Student
French Horn Section Dean Dimitroff, Fort Pierce, Sales Consultant
Richard Eisenberg, Port St. Lucie, Corporate Speech Writer (Retired)
Susan Sharp - Principal, Fort Pierce, Air Traffic Controller (Retired)
Lexi Thompson, Port St. Lucie
Trombone Section Brian Colon, Sebastian, Accountant
Kevin DeGroat, Vero Beach, Correctional Probation Officer
Raymar Hojilla, Port St. Lucie, College Student
Jacob Katz, Vero Beach, Occupational Therapist
David Letts, Vero Beach, Store Owner
Jeffrey Miller, Vero Beach, Assistant Meat Department Manager
Mathew Raymond - Principal, Vero Beach, College Student
Baritone Section Frank Harris, Port St. Lucie, Pilot (USAF) (Retired)
Dennis Jackson - Principal, Vero Beach, Sales Associate
David Moore, Port St. Lucie, Air Traffic Controller (Retired)
Jenna Oakes, Port St. Lucie, Medical Assistant
Tuba Pete Gillespie, Vero Beach, Meat Cutter
Ragland Jordan, Fort Pierce, College Student
Jeremy Torres, Port St. Lucie, College Student
BassKaren Harris, Port St. Lucie, Pharmacist (Retired)
Perccussion Section Chris Barker, Port St. Lucie, College Student
Shakiya Drayton, Fort Pierce, Music Educator
Kyle Greene, Port St. Lucie, Pharmacist
Larry Hough, Port St. Lucie
Dick Janes - Principal, Fort Pierce, Music Educator
Fred Joseph, Port St. Lucie, College Student
Doug Lyone, Vero Beach, Business Executive
AnnouncerCarl Eilenberg, Port St. Lucie, Sports Announcer

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't.

Johnny Depp